20 Ways

20 Ways to Create a Connected and Supportive Business Community

What is in it for You?

Whether you are a small business owner, a self employed professional, a large business owner, a chamber of commerce, business improvement association, or in economic development for the government. Being part of a thriving business community that is connected and supportive will help you achieve your goals. Society is flat out better when a business community thrives.

A Leap of Faith

Getting and being connected as a business owner is one thing, but focusing on supporting your fellow business owner is something else entirely and yet, it is amazing the results you can create when you focus on helping others, instead of trying to solve your own problems.  

Most small business owners or solopreneurs, quit their jobs so they could have more time with their families AND more money.  It is possible, but it just isn’t easy unless…

What if everyone was on your side? What if you had a team of people working alongside you, helping you to find enough customers or clients, helping you avoid pitfalls, saving you time and money? Then life would become a lot easier.  That is what is possible if we create a connected and supportive business community.

Where is Started for Me

The majority of Chamber members are either solopreneurs or have 1-2 employees.  Many business owners work in isolation, bearing the weight of their responsibilities and either struggle to make the money they really want or they make decent money, but put in long hours away from their family and community to do it.

One day I asked myself this question. What would be possible if I were are part of a super connected and supportive business community?  Then I thought, what if I was a part of the most connected and supportive business community in the world?  This was an idea that got my juices flowing.  It was an idea I could really get behind.  I had found my reason for volunteering my time at the chamber.

A struggling small business sector has some pretty serious negative impacts on our society.  It means less money for the economy overall, but it also places a big stress on families, creating conflicts over money, or missed activities with your kids.  It has a serious impact on our communities happiness factor.

So this begs the question, how can we make that happen, and perhaps more importantly, how will we KNOW it is happening?

Referring work and buying from each other is the ultimate end goal, but that is not so easy to do.  Just like people don’t propose marriage on a first date, there is a whole lot that needs to happen before we reach that goal.

If you would like to join the movement, here is a list of actions you can take.

The List

I have come up with a list of 20 simple things you can do in your business community to begin to develop and enhance your connection.

Starting Out

  1. Business owners in New West know each other by name
  2. Business owners make introductions to other business owners
  3. We follow each other on social media
  4. Every business owner is connected on Linked in
  5. We work to promote the community as a whole
  6. Every business owner knows about #newwestbiz
  7. We have fun together
  8. Business owners can say why to buy from another business
  9. Biz owners know each other’s elevator pitch

Next Step: Collaboration

  1. Business owners share each others posts
  2. We are willing to provide honest feedback when requested
  3. We teach each other best practices in business
  4. We share about money saving deals and suppliers
  5. We leverage our email distribution to promote each other’s businesses

Transformational Activities

  1. We attend and support each other’s events
  2. We collaborate on other promotional initiatives
  3. We collaborate on events
  4. We buy from each other
  5. We refer business to each other
  6. We invest in each other’s business


Many people have been asking me questions about how to implement these strategies in their community.  If that is you as well, please click here if you would like to attend a live webinar so that you can ask me questions and hear about how other people are using my list to create business success.