3 Questions to Quickly Assess Your Marketing

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January 8, 2016
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January 8, 2016

“Most businesses utterly fail to provide any meaningful answer to the question:

Why should I buy from you and not your competitors?” 

[Randy Shwantz]


 Are YOU absolutely clear about why people should choose you instead of your competitors and is it written down?

If you are like 90% of the businesses I work with, when someone asks about your business, you will say something different every time.  SUPER TIP: The best marketers in the world do 2 things very well. First they figure out what works and then they keep doing it.   Sure, they also keep trying to improve but they don’t discard a winning formula for an untested one. They  have a testing mechanism in place to keep testing until they find another winner. But for the vast majority of you out there. Find a pitch that works and then stick to it. That means writing it down and memorizing it and if you have several people in your company, having everyone memorize it.  Your secretary should never say that she is a secretary when asked what she does for a living. Her answer should be “I work for a company that creates and manages low cost marketing campaigns for small business owners”.  At least that is what my secretary will say when I get one.

Would the majority of your competition describe their product or service the same way you describe it?

Let me guess. You have great service at a reasonable price, lots of experience, and maybe even you really get to know your clients. Oh and you have a commitment to excellence and are professional. All in all you provide great value to your clients.  If you are saying the same thing as your competitors, you are not providing any reason to choose you over them

Do you have 12-15 specific and concrete WIIFM examples to provide to your prospects?

Once you have a prospects attention, the goal is to quickly and easily make sure they understand what’s in it for them to choose you and not someone else. Most businesses stop at 2 or 3 statements of differentiation.  That is a big mistake. 1st it is too easy for your competitors to copy what you are saying, and 2nd, your customers may not care about those three things.  If you really spend some time, you can come up a dozen excellent, solid examples of what makes your product or service different.  That way, you can really find out about what each particular customer cares about.  If you can provide them with 5 solid reasons to choose you, that is different from what your competitors are saying, your are going to convert way more leads into customers.

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