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Meeting of coworkers and planning next steps of work

It’s no secret that happy employees are more productive at work! This results in higher profits for the company, fewer sick days, lower turnover and a workplace that you don’t dread going to every morning.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small start up business or a Fortune 500 company, EVERY workplace can be happier with a few small tweaks.

So how can you make your company one of those happy workplaces? Easy. Here’s the five top things to consider:

Work Life Balance (yes, it’s possible)

A good boss knows that their employees have a life outside of the workplace. Although it is important to have someone who will focus on their work, it’s inevitable that their personal life will creep in on occasion.

If an employee has no childcare, make it possible that they can adjust their hours so they are able to make it home when their kids do, why not make this an option? Or maybe it’s more convenient for everyone to make it an option that employees are able to work remote? Even attempting to make a compromise shows the employee that you care about them, and not just their work.


Every single one of your company’s employees, from intern to CEO, has ideas you should be asking for and willing to listen to. Leaders realize that their employees feel valued when they are not only are able to share their input, but when they are kept up to date on any changes and decisions.  Stay connected with your team!

Growth and Goals

It’s not enough to feel valued – your employees need to feel like they’re growing within the company. Even if you can’t promote everyone, giving some added responsibilities will make employees feel like they are gaining some growth within the company, while also working towards their own career goals.

Ask your employees regularly what their goals are. Their goals for their work, their goals to help the company as a whole, and even their personal goals.  Encourage everyone to share their goals, and create a cohesive team of working together, and rooting each other on. This will not only encourage your employees to do their personal best, but help your company culture too.


It would be nice to give your employees a raise every quarter, but usually that just isn’t possible. Although money is why most people work, when it comes down to it most people would rather be happier at work. Employees appreciate other perks as well – a good benefit plan goes a long way or some added vacation days every year. Another option is to allow your employees the afternoon off, with pay, occasionally if things are slow. Think: summers and Fridays when (and if) things are typically slower during that time of year. Everyone appreciates a bonus longer weekend.

Even ordering pizza for the office once a month, or bringing in donuts every Friday is a small perk your employees will appreciate.  Put a coffee maker (along with some quality coffee!), or supply tea, in the breakroom. These little things add up and make your employees feel valued and heard.

Take it out of the office occasionally too – offer a Christmas party at a different venue, and/or plan a dinner out for everyone after a particularly busy quarter. A fantastic way to show you value your employees their hard work is more than appreciated, but needed in order for the company to succeed.

Positive Atmosphere 

Who enjoys working in an office where everyone is gossiping and unhappy? Not many employees enjoy a caddy workplace. Start right from the hiring process by picking out not only qualified employees, but ones who are friendly and positive as well and fit the company culture.

Keep the work environment upbeat. Stress is bound to creep in, but encourage everyone to take short breaks to breathe. Play some music to keep employees energized, and keep the conversation light and humourous as much as you can.

Keeping the lines of communication open, encouraging growth and respecting your employees will help keep things positive. Value your employees, and they will value you, and your company. It’s the perfect situation: everyone wins.