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Mistakes-Precious Life Lessons

“My research indicates that only 3-4% of any market is actively engaged in the buying process right now 

[Chet Holmes]

6 Reasons Why Your Marketing is Not Providing Enough  Leads

Your Marketing Is All About You

I hate to break this to you but… your customers don’t care about you.  What they care about is them. So, why are you talking about yourself? Your marketing should tell your customers how their life would be different by buying your product.

You Are ONLY Targeting the 3-4% Who Are Buying Now

If you just talk about what you do, i.e. I provide Financial Services, then anyone who is not currently shopping for financial services is going to ignore your promotional materials.  Does that mean that only the people who are currently “buying now” are the only ones who could benefit from your service? NO. Of course not.  Your marketing needs to find a way to engage as many people as possible. (See item 6)

Your Headlines Do Not Grab Attention


Just like the first point. Headlines need to be about your customers. The best headlines grab attention and make you want to take action. 


The headlines that create the most action are ones that use intrigue. A promise that is specific but incomplete.

 You Are Not Following the 10% Rule

People are way too busy and according to a recent study by Microsoft, our attention spans are about 8 seconds. That’s right, less than a goldfish. Assume that anyone looking at your ad is only going to ‘get’ 10% of it.  Is it the right 10%? (No, your phone number is not the right 10%)

Your Call to Action is Not Irresistible

What makes a call to action irresistible? There is one thing that works every time! Ok that last line just used it.  Did you get it?

You Haven’t Climbed the Ladder of Persuasion

Our needs our the lowest rung on the ladder of persuasion. After that it is our wants, then our desires and then our fears.  For more on how to use fear in marketing, check out this other post. YOur marketing will engage way more people if it taps into their deepest desires and their darkest fears. And, yes, it is possible to do this tastefully.