What Is Influencer Marketing And Why Does Your Business Need It?

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February 10, 2018
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April 10, 2018

While influencer marketing has been extremely hot for the last few years, 2018 has actually been declared “The Year of the Influencer”. It’s likely something you should be embracing but maybe you’re  not entirely clear on what Influencer Marketing is.

Huffington Post’s defines this phenomenon as “simply the action of promoting and selling products or services through people (influencers) who have the capacity to have an effect on the character of a brand.

It used to be that brands recruited celebrities, and often paid them a hefty fee, to promote and attach their name to their products. Today’s influencers are “celebrities” in their own way – they are typically social media experts who know how and where to market your product to their followers.

So how can you utilize Influencer Marketing for your brand?

Search For Someone Who Uses And Loves Your Products Or Services.

Do a google or hashtag search on all sites to see if anyone is talking (positively!) about your product or service. These people already believe in your brand, and as authenticity and trust in advertising shine through, these are your ideal influencers.

Build A Relationship With These Influencers

Contact these fans of your brand and thank them for their endorsement. Work with them to promote your products and services further. Provide them with your links and logos for their sites to put out to their audience.

While any advertising is typically good advertising, you’ll want to make sure this person and their overall values are a good fit for your brand.

Discuss compensation

This isn’t a free service. Generally, you have to offer some sort of compensation. Influencers starting out will often appreciate free products and/or services. This is a thank you to someone who already believes in your brand and allows them to try other products you provide that they can promote. Higher level influencers and “celebrity influencers” will often require monetary compensation for their marketing — this may or may not be worth it for your business depending on their fit with your brand, and how much of an audience they have.

Get A Contract

Once you start compensating or sponsoring your influencers, they’ll need to disclose that their review is in exchange for some sort of payment. Influencers who are in the game already know this and will use the appropriate hashtags and disclosure notices but keep this in mind when starting a relationship with them.

Set up a contract on how much they’ll promote in exchange for your agreed upon compensation. Detail the terms, agreements, and time limitations in order to cover both of your businesses legally.

Track The Progress

There are many different ways to track how much of your traffic and business are because of your influencers. You should be pulling these analytics regularly to make sure you’re seeing a good return on your investment.

Find Out Where Your Target Market Is

If you’re not sure where to start looking for your influencers or want to use social media marketing to its fullest extent, find out where your target market hangs out online (luckily, I’ve written a post on this already!).

Don’t Stop At Influencers

Although influencers are today’s trendy marketing tool, don’t abandon your other marketing techniques! You need to use other ways to get your name out there as well.

Talk To Me!

If this all still sounds a bit confusing to you, or the world is moving too fast for your business to keep up, find someone like me! My focus is on law firm marketing but I have the expertise to get your message out to the right audience, no matter what type of brand. So if you’re looking for a marketing firm in Vancouver, please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or comments.