About Instigo

Specializing in the development of multi-platform messaging and campaigns that accelerate business growth

Stop Guessing if Your Marketing Will Work

I have networked with thousands of business people over the last several years and I have encountered the same problem over and over again. No matter what platform you are using to generate new leads for your business there is one thing you need to do well. Talk about your business in a compelling way. In my experience most businesses make the same mistakes; they try and grab attention by talking about WHAT they do, and then they try and differentiate themselves by saying the EXACT SAME THING as their competitors! This is why I created instigo.

With the digital marketing tools now available, it is easy to determine what works and what doesn’t. The most successful digital marketing experts have tried everything in order to help their clients grow their business. Collectively they have tested literally millions of ads.

If you study their techniques like I have done, you will notice that the most successful companies all use the same methods of communication. I have codified what they do and created an easy way to help you implement those techniques in your business. If you would like to employ the same methods that have helped thousands of companies drastically grow their business, give me a call and I will show you how to do it at NO COST to you. If you love it, then lets see how we can work together to grow your business.

About the Chief Instigator

I have over twenty years of sales, marketing and business management Rnold Smith-049experience. Over the past two years I have been intensely researching two questions;

How do you move from the results you have to the results you want? and

What are the easiest and most productive ways to grow a business?

Alongside my consulting practice I am working on several of my own products that are designed to create more of what I want to see in the world.


  1. Thriving Business:

    I help to bring cutting edge marketing and sales techniques to small and medium sized business.

  2. Strong, Exciting Relationships:

    Through my research on how to go from the results you have to the results you want I came across some amazing studies on what actions science says help to create intimacy, trust and connection.   So I decided to compile what I learned in a book.  Free E-book – Inside Her Mind – 2 Easy Actions Proven by Science to Create Intimacy, Trust and Connection

  3. Healthy Children:

    Digital addiction is on the rise and has big detrimental affects on young kids. My wife and I have developed a product that helps remind kids of other activities they love when they look at their digital device. In Development…

  4. Successful Parents: 

    Competent and Respectful. These are the words that guide my parenting style. I am developing a program to help children from 3 months on to develop life competencies through play. Early potty training, doing up their own seat belts, eating on their own right from 6 months, physical strength and dexterity are all results of the program. In development…

Here are some highlights of my experience. I look forward to helping you move towards a life filled with success.

Business Experience

Business Manager – Kearns & Company

Helped grow the firm from start up to over a million in revenue. From 2 employees to over 20 from a shared office to 3 offices in separate cities

Partner – Successful Business Inc

Our mandate was to design and deliver people development programs that created organizational success. Specifically, I spent a year researching the most effective, scientifically proven methods to change your behaviors.

Owner – Vancouver Sales Solutions

Consulted with companies to develop sales strategies. One Small tech business I worked with had a 100% proposal success rate during our time together, and they landed one of the largest contracts in their 10 year history while in direct competition with the market leader using the ‘our strengths vs their weaknesses’ strategy.

Community Involvement

New Westminster Chamber of Commerce – Director

Vancouver Board of Trade – Member of Small Business Council

McBride Sapperton Residents Association – Vice President

Mayors Task Force on Public Engagement – Member

Hume Park Neighbours Block Party – Co – Organizer