Convert Leads To Customers

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“Most businesses utterly fail to provide any meaningful answer to the question:

Why should I buy from you and not your competitors?” 

[Randy Shwantz]



  1. Are YOU absolutely clear about why people should choose you instead of your competitors and is it written down?

  2. Would the majority of your competition describe their product or service the same way you describe it?

  3. Do you have 12-15 specific and concrete WIIFM examples to provide to your prospects?

Once you have a prospects attention, the goal is to quickly and easily make sure they understand what’s in it for them to choose you and not someone else.

Stand Out From Your Competition Today





1000's of Small Business Owners

I am just like you, working hard to earn a living as a self employed person.  As a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade Small Business Council and a director for the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce I have had a chance to interact with 1000’s of you over the past few years and I have heard the same problem over and over again. I am offering you a simple solution.