Holiday Marketing
December 15, 2017
Traditional Marketing is NOT dead!
February 10, 2018

Marketing has changed drastically in the past ten years and continues to change year after year, even month after month.

If you want to compete in the online marketing world, it’s important to keep up with the trends of today. Here are a few things I’ve rounded up for what 2018 has in store.


This is key. With so much competition, people side with transparency. They want to see a face and a “behind the scenes” look at your business and brand.

Utilizing simple platforms such as YouTube and other video apps for your website is a great place to start. No need to have expensive equipment and professional services either. Most smartphones have more than enough capability to produce a professional looking video. Using an app like Adobe Premiere Clip is easy to use and can transform your video from amateur to pro in a matter of minutes.

Facebook Live videos are great for a “behind the scenes” look into your day or a quick update. And Facebook pushes live events so they’re more likely to be seen.

Influencers Are Key!

Gone are the days when paying a celebrity piles of money to promote your products was the key to success. Thank goodness! Today it’s all about peer-to-peer marketing and social media influencers.

Sponsoring social media influencers to promote your brand is like celebrity endorsements and still one way to go. But a better (and cheaper) way is to use your customer reviews and the interaction on your pages.

Promoting on social media to the right people, at the right time (be sure to read Where does your Target Market Hang Out online ) is important. You don’t need to tackle every social media network but you do need to work the ones you’re using to the fullest extent.

Even More Social Media

As social media grows in popularity expect even MORE social spaces to become available to us. You know virtual reality (VR) is growing in popularity when Facebook puts their foot in it. They launched their own VR platform, Facebook Spaces, a platform still in beta mode but which will likely spawn copycats in the near future.

Again, you don’t need to use every single social channel that comes out but you do need to know which ones work best for your company and your customers.


Yes, it does sort of contradict the point above where people want to see the real people behind the brands but automation services for your website are becoming better and better every day. If done right, this can help lead your clients throughout your site seamlessly.

Nothing will replace the human touch so it’s important to strike a healthy balance between automation and organic interaction. But in this fast-paced world where people want answers and interactions now, it can be a great tool to put in place in some cases. The “smart experience” is what most people expect now as it allows your customers to access what they need from you almost immediately. And offering answers to basic questions using chatbots to streamline the service and is simple and cost-effective for you to offer.

Are you and your brand keeping up? It can be difficult to know what to do in our always-changing world! If you have any questions or need help making a plan, I would be delighted to help you! Contact me anytime.