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November 16, 2017
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January 10, 2018

Competition between brands is fierce at the best of times. But during the holidays, they take competition to an entirely new level.

Your customers are out there and they need to find you now! Your current customers are being lured away by flashier competition. New customers are looking for someone to do business with, and that flashier competition is taking them, too.  So, why not BECOME the flashier competition?! You can!

Let’s take a look at some familiar holiday marketing that works:


Coca-cola and polar bears – it’s an annual tradition. Every year Coke comes out with something new, fresh, and usually pretty memorable. They stick with what works – and it’s been working for years. They’ve hit upon the gold level of advertising. I mean, they more or less created Santa Claus! Red and white means Coke… and the holidays. Brilliant!


Apple doesn’t need much marketing. Just kidding – EVERYONE needs marketing. But if a company was going to forego marketing and still make it work, it would likely be Apple. Their products speak for themselves. Yet, they still come up with catchy little commercials and themes that have us humming, especially during the holidays. Their latest 2017 instalment “Holiday – Sway” featuring the iPhone X and AirPods wireless earphones is no exception. Whenever it comes on TV, we just have to take a minute to take it in. It captures our attention and creates a dream. And we remember it.

Check it out yourself if you don’t believe us:

These are only two examples of brands who ace holiday marketing. Will your brand be next? Here are a few things to remember:


Be ALL about your brand!

I mean – of course, it’s about your brand. But shoving it down your customers throats certainly isn’t the way to be memorable. Integrate your customers into your marketing in some way. Use emotion!

Go Crazy

You want to have promotions, that’s absolutely important during the holidays. But don’t run too many or shove them down your customers throats (as we said before). Get your brand’s information out there in various ways using the 80/20 rule – 80% information vs. 20% call to action.

Alienate People

Some people don’t celebrate Christmas, so using the term “Merry Christmas” can leave a bad taste. Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings is a better way to go. You don’t have to please everyone (frankly, you couldn’t if you tried). But unless your advertising is catering to a specific group, don’t forget you’ve got a vast market out there.


Celebrate your customers

Your loyal customers deserve recognition and the holiday season is a great time to do something for them. It’s also a great time to celebrate new or potential customers. This is the ideal time to send holiday greetings to your mailing list. And an exclusive discount often works like a charm to please people.

Have fun

You do have to keep some things in mind, but most of all HAVE FUN! It’s the holidays and you shouldn’t be stressing. Plus, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – HAPPY EMPLOYEES ARE PRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEES! If your company is having fun, your customers will see the joy in your brand. Win-win.

And last but certainly not least…

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