Keywords — Why They’re So Important And How To Boost Those Rankings

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March 10, 2018

You’ve likely heard the term “keywords,” and you know they’re important but perhaps you’re not totally clear why.

What Exactly Are Keywords?

Anytime you enter a term or phrase into a search engine, those terms and phrases are called “keywords.” If your website contains any or all of the words they search for, your site will pop up. Keywords can be anything, from “pizza restaurant” to “gluten-free vegetarian pizza delivery in Vancouver BC.” The more specific you are, the more precise your results will be. Generally, keywords are two to five-word phrases of any combination.

Why Are They So Important?

Keywords are essentially free promotion to your business. If you pick the right keywords, your target audience will come. Or at the very least, they’ll find you since web traffic will be directed to your website or blog. This useful marketing tool is SO easy to implement once you know the basics. However, where your site is positioned on the results page, the first or the tenth, is a whole different matter. The more generic and competitive your keywords are, the more competition you’ll have to fight against.

How Do I Boost My Keyword Ranking?

First of all, you should know that what you write is the most important thing. Quality, easy-to-read, relevant information on a regularly updated website is what will get you noticed and keep people coming back. That being said, you’ve got to get people to your site first and using keywords is how you do it!

First things first, find out where your site currently ranks. Type in your most used keywords into a search engine and see where your website ends up. If you’re not on the first page or two, you’ll want to try to improve your rankings, but be patient, this doesn’t typically happen overnight.

Next, use your search engine’s keyword helper (for example, Google’s Adwords keyword tool) and find out where the keywords you’re using are being sent to instead of your site. You may even find some variations and alternative keywords that you may want to consider to get better results.

Find a tool (quite a few are free or inexpensive) to install on your website to see where your traffic is coming from and, most importantly, what keywords they’re searching to bring them to your website. As long as this is the type of traffic you want to bring to your site, pay attention and use them. Otherwise, you may want to get more specific. Speaking of which…

Should I Get More Specific?

Quite likely, yes, you should get more specific on your keywords and phrases. These are often referred to as “long-tail keywords”. Using the example above, if you run a local pizza place and someone Google’s “pizza restaurant,” they’re likely to find links to national chains on the first few pages. If they try “gluten-free vegetarian pizza delivery in Vancouver BC,” they’re likely to get you in the mix. Big chains may still come up, but at least you have a better chance of being found. And when more people find you, the better your ranking becomes.

One More Thing…

Still a bit confused? Not to worry. I’d love to chat with you further on keywords and your social media marketing strategies. Law firm marketing is my specialty but I love to work with ALL types of businesses. Contact me today!