Marketing Strategy Lessons

“Hope is not a strategy” 

5 Tips to Make Marketing More Effective

  1. Stop guessing if your marketing is working.

  2. Add small marketing behaviors into your regular routine.

  3. Repeat what has worked in the past.

  4. Have a plan.

  5. Deepen your understanding of your customers

Marketing is all about exposing your message to as many people as possible.


Elaborate marketing plans can be a huge waste of time. The best plan in the world is worthless if it is never executed.

Together we will come up with a plan that starts from where you are now. If you have an elaborate plan, great. Then the strategy is to more effectively execute the plan.

If you don’t have a plan then the strategy is what can we do today to expose the right message to the highest number of your target market with exactly the time and financial resources you have right now.

Stop imagining that you will suddenly have more time or money to commit to marketing. It is a trap that usually results in no marketing happening for several months.

The best strategy is almost ALWAYS execution. When you work with me it is 100% about taking the right actions consistently.






1000's of Small Business Owners

I am just like you, working hard to earn a living as a self employed person.  As a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade Small Business Council and a director for the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce I have had a chance to interact with 1000’s of you over the past few years and I have heard the same problem over and over again. I am offering you a simple solution.