“My research indicates that only 3-4% of any market is buying now” 

[Chet Holmes]

6 Reasons Why Your Marketing is Not Providing Enough  Leads



Your Marketing Is All About You

I hate to break this to you but… your customers don’t care about you.  What they care about is them. So, why are you talking about yourself? Your marketing should tell your customers how their life would be different by buying your product.

You Are ONLY Targeting the 3-4% Who Are Buying Now

If you just talk about what you do, i.e. I provide Financial Services, then anyone who is not currently shopping for financial services is going to ignore your promotional materials.  Does that mean that only the people who are currently “buying now” are the only ones who could benefit from your service? NO. Of course not.  Your marketing needs to find a way to engage as many people as possible. (See item 6)

Your Headlines Do Not Grab Attention

NEW ACCOUNTING OFFICE OPENS TODAY! Why should we care? One of the easiest ways to improve your conversion rates is to write better headlines.

You Are Not Following the 10% Rule

People are busy. You will get a glance at your post, article, ad at best.  Will your prospect get the most important 10% in just that quick glance?

Your Call to Action is Not Irresistible?

Call today? I don’t think so.  Have you ever actually called? At the very least talk about a benefit they will get by taking action.

You Haven’t Climbed the Ladder of Persuasion

Fear is the biggest motivator. Are you using it in your marketing?

I Can Solve Your Marketing Issues in 90 Minutes

Marketing is all about exposing your message to as many people as possible. Consider these two equations.


If it costs $100 to reach 1000 possible viewers and 1% of the people exposed to your ad actually read your offer, that equates to 10 potential customers

If you convert 10% of your viewers to customers then it costs $100 for each new customer.

The more people who view your offer the more customers you will have.

Your choices to increase customer count are:

  • Increase your Reach which is more expensive and increases your risk – same cost per customer
  • Increase the number of people reading your ad – Decreased cost per customer

If you double the number of people viewing your offer, and your conversion rate stays the same your customer acquisition cost will be cut in half.

Even though only 3-4% of your target market are “Buying Now”. 10 X that number are “willing to buy”. My proven method is the secret formula used by all top marketing campaigns to reach the segment of the 40% of your market that is willing to buy drastically decreasing your customer acquisition cost.






1000's of Small Business Owners

I am just like you, working hard to earn a living as a self employed person.  As a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade Small Business Council and a director for the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce I have had a chance to interact with 1000’s of you over the past few years and I have heard the same problem over and over again. I am offering you a simple solution.