Services For Law Firms

The business I know the best is the Business of Law.  I understand the unique demands and challenges facing law firms and lawyers because I managed a law firm for over a decade.  I think being a lawyer is one of the best jobs in the world.  Sadly, too many lawyers I meet are unhappy, frustrated and stressed out.

If you have any of these issues, I can help.

  1. You encounter the same issues over and over again like “Where is that file?”;
  2. You struggle to get your secretaries to consistently give you what you need to do your job effectively;
  3. Staff don’t seem to care about the bottom line or helping to get more clients;
  4. You and your staff are not sure who your best referrers are;
  5. You don’t know what your break even point is or which files are the most profitable;
  6. Your staff seem distant, disinterested and sometimes downright hostile!

I have developed systems to help small firms streamline and grow their practice and develop a culture of excellence while increasing the satisfaction and enjoyment of the lawyers, staff, clients and referring partners.  If you would like to be happy and more successful, lets have a free strategy session.  Every session I have offered so far has been reported as either valuable, very valuable or life changing. (ok that was just once but it might happen for you too).  click here to contact me and request a call today.

Menu of Services

You Would Like to Earn More Money

This more hands on approach means I work with you to implement the law firm specific strategies that helped a law firm go from under $100k in revenue the 1st year, to over 1 million in revenue 3 years later.
  • IMPROVING SERVICE – This is one of the best long term growth strategies and ensures that all the hard work you put into getting new clients does not go to waste.

  • AUTOMATIC MARKETING – My 7 step system is designed to ensure that marketing becomes part of everyone’s routines so that marketing is constant and automatic.

  • MARKETING MESSAGING – Lawyers have a huge amount of competition and it can be difficult to stand out because lawyer services seem nearly identical.  Why should I choose you over someone else? I will help you define the specific and concrete reasons why prospects should choose you over your competitors.

  • STRENGTHENING REFERRAL RELATIONSHIPS – Having the right network of people referring clients to you makes all the difference. I help you strengthen your existing relationships and also add new ones.

Eliminate Frustration and Inefficiency

Many business create their systems by default and law firms are no different.  They get created by the staff who do the tasks. When they leave, your systems leaves with them and you just hope the next person you hire will be just as good or better, but that is rarely the case.  Either way, you pay dearly. This service is all about firm generated systems that live with the firm and deliver a consistently excellent experience for your clients, staff and lawyers.

Resolve Staff Frustrations

This simple task will instantly elevate performance and satisfaction.

Improve Processes and Procedures

Do you ever have the nagging feeling that there must be a better way of doing things? If you are not getting the results you want, then you are right. We start with the biggest areas of concern and go from there.

Improving Performance

Do you know why the same mistakes keep happening? Do you find yourself thinking, “If only I had better staff”. I help you implement the MARS model of performance analysis so that performance consistently improves.

Engaging and Enabling Your Staff

How do you tap into your staff’s discretionary effort and ensure they have what they need to deliver the best job possible.

Leadership Training

Staff that take initiative, help each other succeed and act like partners. I help you achieve this goal.

Conversations that Transform Results

3 True Statements:

  1. Confusion kills performance.

  2. Sometimes trying to change things can do more harm than good

  3. There is no reason to be miserable. (That is mostly my opinion, but I happen to believe it’s true)

This service is for lawyers who want to solve their issues themselves but would like to avoid disastrous and costly mistakes.  Our weekly calls ensure that you know exactly what actions to take, that you are following a specific strategy, and that if you are confused or struggling you have the resources you need to get through it quickly. It also ensures consistent activity which is the secret to success.