Options to Grow Your Business

Know the Next Step and Actually Do It

3 True Statements:

  1. Confusion kills performance.
  2. Small business owners/managers are busy.
  3. Marketing is not an urgent activity.

This service is for business owners who want to have marketing strategies that work and develop the HABIT of consistently marketing their business.  Our weekly calls ensure that you know exactly what actions to take, that you are following a specific strategy, and that if you are confused or struggling you have the resources you need to get through it quickly. It also ensures consistent activity which is the secret to marketing success.

Do You Want Better Results from Your Marketing without Spending More Money?

The instigo formula is designed for business owners who are not getting the results they want from their marketing.  They have the time and inclination to manage their own marketing campaigns but would like some help using the right message in the right medium. The instigo formula takes approximately 4-6 hours of time together. This can be done in person, digitally, all at once or 2 or 4 segments.  It has 4 parts outlined below. Call for more information.
  • ASSESSMENT – We get clear about what marketing is working and what isn’t.

  • ATTRACT – We define your target market’s Wants, Desires and Fears so your marketing grabs their attention.

  • INDIVIDUATE – Define 6-12 specific and concrete reasons why prospects should choose you over your competitors

  • STRATEGIZE – I provide you with a ready to execute strategy based on your exact circumstances

Do You Struggle to Find the Time to Market Consistently?

Imagine not having to go out and get more customers yourself. This option is for you if you simply would rather be doing something else besides marketing. Sure you survive ok with word of mouth but it would be nice if your business would grow faster.   marketing always seems to fall to the bottom of the pile because it is not urgent. As we work together, you will have a consistent ongoing campaign constantly bringing in more customers. Sounds good right?

Some Mediums Used


Highly targeted and affordable. From simple direct ads, and contests to complex 3 stage campaigns

Content Creation for Marketing Purposes

Curated blog posts targeted at your audience. Development of a lead capture giveaway like a free e-book. All designed to build your list and audience. Content marketing is the best way to reach millennials.

Google Ad Words

Still an amazing way to get new clients if it is done right.

Linked In

If you are active on linked in, this is a highly effective way of finding new clients

Direct Mail

Sometimes digital isn’t the way to go. This can be an effective way of targeting certain segments of the market.


When used right, email is simply a gold mine.

Online Sales Funnel

If you have website traffic that isn’t converting into customers, the right funnel makes all the difference.


If video is your thing, YouTube is incredibly powerful and can be targeted geographically

Webinar Conversion Strategy

The best way to convert leads into customers is to build trust and rapport. One of the easiest ways to do that is with a well crafted webinar.