Where Does Your Target Market Hang Out Online?

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January 23, 2016
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October 23, 2017

Social media is here to stay, and it’s a fantastic place to market your business – IF you are on the right platforms. To make sure that you’re not wasting your precious time on social media, read this now!

Market to the right people

So you have a winning formula and game plan. Congratulations! However, no matter how strong it is, and how much your business goes over and above the competition, none of it matters if you are marketing to the wrong audience.

Social media has grown leaps and bounds over the years and it’s a top place to interest, or attract, new customers or clients. But you have to be posting to the right people.

Find your platforms

By now you should know your what, why, and how (check out my last post http://instigo.ca/how-to-answer-the-question-why-should-i-buy-from-you/) and now it’s time to suss out the best ways to do your brand-specific social media marketing. The Pew Research Center’s social media study did most of the work for us (US adult usage report as of January 2017) letting us know the break downs of where Internet users hang out online:

Daily usage from Adults across all popular Social Media platforms:

76% Facebook

51% Instagram

42% Twitter

25% Pinterest

18% LinkedIn



Although newer and flashier social media networks are coming onto the scene almost daily, Facebook can still hold its own against the rest, with 76% of Social Media users logging into this platform daily! Women outrank the men on this network  – but not by much. Facebook users span the generations from high school students to Grandparents.

Facebook is used for a variety of reasons – family, friends, but product and business pages are a huge presence on this network, and society tends to like what others “like”.


This fast paced, up to date, network demands almost constant attention with it’s engagement. The younger generation especially love having this up to date buzz at their fingertips. Although still popular, twitter numbers have dropped off in recent years, with people moving to the even quicker paced, photo-share site Instagram.


The image-centric network where pictures are king! Choose your accompanying words wisely and keep it short, as most users scroll by pictures ignoring, or only scanning, the words underneath.  This is another fast paced, up to date network popular with the younger generation.


The largest social network for professionals, LinkedIn has the distinction of being the only major social media platform where 30-49 year olds outrank 18-29 year olds!


Pinterest may have less of a following that some other platforms, but it’s where most businesses should really consider being. Ultimately, this IS a shopping site, with Pinterest actually offering a ‘buy’ button to allow easy conversion.

Where is YOUR market?

Where your market hangs out all depends on who your market is. Businesses who are trying to sell sparkly gumboots to teenagers are going to market and post in different social media networks than Lawyers or other professionals.

In fact, the numbers change a little when we look at those adults using social networks who have a college degree or higher:

77% Facebook

49% LinkedIn

33% Pinterest

32% Instagram

28% Twitter


Make it work!

Take a look at the social media you are already using. Is it working? Are you receiving any business? Are people engaging, or re-posting your content? Good. Use your analytics to find out where people are finding your website and build from there. And as I’ve said before if it’s working – KEEP DOING IT! Even if you are bang on finding where your target market hangs out, the vast majority of your posts will be missed, and the ones who did see it need to be reminded to take that action they thought about taking the first time. Don’t be scared to re-use, or slightly re-alter, the ones that gave you the most feedback.


Choose the platform(s) where your target audience hangs out, and make the most of it!