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How to Create World Class Marketing

Your marketing will be successful when you say the right message to the right people.  First you need to get their attention, then you need to say something they care about, then explain why they should choose you instead of your competitor. Easy, right? In this presentation I explain the exact formula used by top copy writers and agencies in order to make marketing way more effective.  I also explain how to set up your marketing so it can be done in 5 minute increments and offer 5 proven step by step strategies you can use today.  This talk can be anywhere from 30 minutes (with some very abbreviated elements) to a full day workshop.

Fun and Profit

Understanding the Direct Relationship Between Fun and Profit

Life is short, why not have fun AND make money?

Many executives are asking the wrong questions when it comes to increasing profit.  Although it may be counter intuitive, increasing the fun factor for yourself, your staff and your customers will have a direct impact on your bottom line.  This presentation explores the benefits that the research shows are available for business owners who make things more fun.  It also provides examples of how other companies have successfully used this strategy for sustained long term growth and success.

The Science of Change

Accelerate Improvement

Creating strategies is the easy part.  Actually getting people to change their behaviour is the hard part.  Up to 70% of all strategies fail at the implementation stage.  Why?  If you want to learn why change is so hard and what to do about it, then this presentation is for you. Our understanding of how the brain works has never been greater with new insights coming out every week.  I am constantly researching the best scientifically proven strategies for change as well as what prevents people and organizations from changing effectively.


Beyond my wildest dreams… (answering the question “What did you think?” after my presentation)

Lizz Kelly, CEO the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce

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Unlocking Unpredictable Results

With: Rnold Smith

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Talk Description

Have you or your business ever had a challenge that repeats over and over again? Why is it so hard to change our lives and rise above our circumstances? Why do businesses, nations and the planet have the same struggles?

It’s easy to predict negative outcomes on a personal and global level, but there are examples of people who have bucked the trend and created unpredictable results.  What did they do differently? Are they exceptional human beings or is the source of change available to everyone? If so, why don’t more people do it? The answer is uncovered in the groundbreaking research about how our brains work.

In this talk,  I’ll explore the near imperceptible barrier that people have between the results they have and the results they want, and provide a formula for dissolving that barrier.   I believe this formula has been used by every individual and business that has ever made a change for the better, both in their lives and in the world.