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January 10, 2018
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March 10, 2018

It’s the year 2018 and digital marketing is clearly here to stay but good ol’ traditional marketing still has its place. Digital marketing has been around for awhile and people are used to it being the go-to method now. So you can be forgiven for forgetting what traditional marketing is and what parts of it you should still be using.

Traditional marketing consists of billboard advertising and print media such as magazines, newspapers, those big pictures and banners you see plastered all over buses and other public venues. TV ads, and even printed flyers and posters stuck on windshields or pinned to trees are also all traditional marketing methods.

Digital marketing is, of course, everything digital – promoting and advertising on social media, websites, YouTube channels and everywhere else internet-related.

Sometimes one form of marketing works better than the other depending on the circumstances but combining both traditional and digital marketing can be exactly the key to promoting your brand successfully. Take what you need from both and integrate them to create the ideal marketing plan for your brand.

The average internet user connects to the internet several times a day using a variety of devices so it’s important not to miss this medium. But it’s quite useful to remember that we have so many different avenues to choose from.

Here are a few things you need to think about when deciding what to integrate into your marketing plan.

Know Your Market

Although digital marketing is easy, maybe your ideal market prefers traditional marketing. It’s likely still best to use a blend of both but always think of who your customers are and how they prefer to get their information.

While it’s hard to miss those pop-up ads on your computer, most people tend to dismiss them without fully registering them. TV ads are fun to talk about but in a Netflix and PVR world, who’s still watching these commercials? Research more about your target demographic to find these things out.

Radio ads tend to still stand out. Think about those jingles you hear every morning after listening to your local weather. Those are often what you hum when you’re in the shower… so catchy!

But it’s not all about how your target market likes to receive information, it’s also about where your target market is. If you’re trying to reach a broader audience, say nationally as opposed to locally, then digital marketing will typically get you further, faster.

Consider Your Costs

Another reason digital marketing has become so popular in the last few years is simply the cost. Utilizing social media or YouTube is typically free, and even paying for web pages or boosted ads won’t cost you too much. Traditional marketing can come with hefty printing costs, and ad spots for radio and TV can be pricey too.

Adding these to your marketing plan is important if your target market is spending less time online.

Do You Want To Track Your Success?

It’s generally easier to track your marketing success using digital means than traditional. Analytics, page views and likes are an easy way to measure how many people are seeing your message. Unless you ask everyone, it’s hard to know who found out about your message through print, TV, radio, etc.

Your Time Factor

Getting your message out online can be practically instant while designing and printing materials or waiting for your message to get out over the airwaves can take some time.

You can reach further and faster using online mediums.

However, for local events, a blend of both types of marketing is key. Promote online and hand out/display flyers for those who don’t log on to social media every day.

Consult An Expert

You can clearly see why digital marketing has taken over. However, traditional marketing has worked for years and still has its place. Integrating both into your next campaign may just be the success you’re looking for.

I have experience with both types of marketing and can create a fantastic campaign that WORKS. Contact Instigo today.